Bags for shopping

The reason for our being. Bags in all formats to supply shops with a product that stands out for its quality in an assortment of materials, sizes, colours and formats. So that a shop can find a solution in our catalogue for any need it may have.

Primary or section bag

Necessary for hygiene or as primary packaging for bulk goods such as fruit, vegetables, meat or fish, their use helps to prevent these foods from going to waste and ensures their transport in optimal conditions of hygiene. 100% safe, harmless to health and suitable for direct contact with food. All our bags regularly undergo migration tests in independent laboratories with food simulants and under the conditions required by the strictest European health standards.


In micro-perforated BOPP. Ideal for bread, fully guarantees its aroma and texture. Available in a size of 18×52 cm

Fruits and vegetables

In HDPE with and without bar/block. Ideal for the fruit-vegetable and meat and fish sections. Available in 25×30 cm; 27×35 cm and 30×40 cm.

Pickles, nuts and dried fruit

In LDPE with and without bar/block. Ideal for pickles, nuts and dried fruit, snacks and sweets. Available from 8×10 cm to 32×43 cm.

Shopping bag

The best solution for transporting the shopping to your home and, once at home, you can REUSE IT. And finally, RECYCLE IT, disposing of it in the yellow container.


The most traditional and cost-effective solution. In high-density material or in best recycled materials. Available sizes: 30×40, 35×40, 35×50, 40×50 and 50×60. We provide a wide range of colours to cover any need.


Large volume shopping items require a solution that makes them easier to transport for the shopper. Available in sizes of 60×70 cm, 80×85 cm and 90×100 cm, we provide bags with ideal handles for toy shops, textile outlets and multi-price warehouses.


Measuring 30×60 cm and with handles, it is the ideal size for transporting your loaf or baguette. 100% virgin material with guaranteed suitability for direct contact with food.

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