Date: 2018/09/28 | Benefits

5 benefits of plastics for the environment

Although lately there has been a war against plastic, there are many benefits of plastics for the environment and society.

Sometimes these details are unknown and go unnoticed.

Thanks to plastic, industry and technology have advanced in many aspects. Plastics can be reused and recycled and that is an advantage over other types of materials, since the cost of the energy used in their production is reduced.

5 Benefits of plastics

1- These materials are produced from organic components. They can be cellulose, petroleum, natural gas or coal. They stand out for their characteristics of high resistance and impermeability.

Thanks to plastic, other types of more traditional materials have been replaced, such as leather, paper, wood and metals. In addition, plastics have infinite uses and different applications that have made it possible to improve technology and, therefore, all possible inventions to improve industry, competitiveness and in general the quality of technology that we find today.

2- Plastics improve industry, for example, they play a very important role in a globalized world. They are perfect for preserving, packaging and distributing. Not only is it ideal for the beverage and food industry, plastics are also suitable for preserving medicines, cosmetics and cleaning supplies.

3- The use of plastics has improved the agriculture industry. This also makes it possible for different countries in the world to transform land, which at first seems to be unproductive, into fruitful land, thanks to the preservation of the soil.

In addition, thanks to them, pipes can be produced that distribute water very effectively and storage tanks cost much less.

4- Another benefit of plastic is the saving on fuels that it entails in the transport of containers and products. These packages are lighter and less bulky compared to other types of materials and it is the perfect solution to move goods without damaging them.

5- Plastics are an alternative energy source. Its high calorific value is greater than or equal to that of coal. They can be used to generate energy and heat.

In the production of renewable energies, plastics fulfil a vital function. Some elements for capturing solar energy are produced from plastic components. Also in wind energy, the blades that rotate to produce energy are made of plastic and are reinforced with fibre; it is the only way to resist mechanical stress.

Now you know some of the benefits of plastics, remember that they can also be reused and recycled. Therefore, although there is bad publicity about them now, we must analyse all the advantages that plastic has brought to industry and to improvements in technology. We must bear in mind that the plastics industry has contributed to improving the quality of life as a society, all we need is to inform ourselves about the products we use and optimise their use to the fullest with responsibility.


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