Date: 2018/10/03 | Sustainability

Why is plastic the most sustainable alternative?

Maybe you think that plastics and sustainability are two opposed concepts, which are not compatible at all. However, you may be wrong, since these materials, which are present in all no end of aspects of our world, allow us not only to enjoy quality of life, but also to safeguard the environment.

Most likely plastics relate to waste that is sometimes left in nature as a source of pollution. That’s why we’ll explain in this post that this is not true, and that this bad reputation comes not from the material, but from the misuse we may make of it.

Plastic can last for many lives

This idea may seem counterintuitive, but if you think about the durability of plastic compared to other materials, such as wood, you will notice that, if it is replaced by plastic in certain uses, such as in making garden chairs, you’ll cause tropical wood trees to stop being felled and you will already be gaining in sustainability.

It helps to prevent the exploitation of other resources

Simply think about the fact that there are elements that require a lot of energy in processing and manufacturing.

For metals that are used in industry or in construction, extractive mining that degrades large spaces is necessary. To produce alloys, a lot of energy is consumed and toxic compounds are also emitted into the environment. If you replace a part of the metal body of your car with a plastic part, you are avoiding those emissions.

Infinite improvements in multiple fields

Plastic has made possible an endless number of applications in fields that improve your daily life, such as medicine or technology, due to its thermal, insulating or flexibility properties.

In medicine, the irruption of single-use plastics has meant a real revolution to prevent the spread of diseases, for example, when replacing the old glass syringes, which needed constant sterilisation, with others made of this material.

Value even as waste

Surely you are also aware that there are types of plastic that can be recycled after being used for their initial purpose.

The typical example is that of the lids on milk cartons, once they have finished their use, can be recycled and transformed into another type of plastic, which can be given new uses, such as the manufacture of coat hangers.

Plastics and sustainability are compatible

Plastic has been with you all your life and a lot more time with it awaits you. Its applications have improved the lives of all, and it has also helped to reduce the effects of pollution and climate change.

Plastic helps to prevent the felling of forests, the exploitation of environments for mining extraction and to avoid the spread of diseases.

In short, now you know that, with the details in hand, plastics and sustainability are two sides of the same coin that depend, not on the material itself, but on our conscience and responsibility.


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